Veterinary Technician Jobs at VMA

Are you a veterinary technician looking to expand your career, further your education, and work with a team you love? Look no further than veterinary technician jobs at Legacy Veterinary Group!

We want pet parents and team members alike to feel a sense of family when they walk through the doors of any of our locations. While every member of our staff makes the health and safety of our furry patients a top priority, it’s our veterinary technicians who set the tone for the visit. If you’re interested in one of the open veterinary technician positions at one of our practices, read on to learn more about what this position entails.

Making Pet Patients Comfortable

A vet tech is typically the first person to see a patient when they visit our practice. Vet techs listen to clients’ concerns and make sure they get the help they need as quickly as possible.

Veterinary Technician Jobs at Legacy Veterinary Group

In addition to taking care of clients and pet patients, veterinary techs must remain calm and professional while dealing with multiple tasks and daily interruptions. That’s why VetMed makes sure that those who take on one of our veterinary technician jobs can deal with emergencies while providing leadership and support to other staff members.

Responsibilities of Veterinary Technicians

All veterinary techs at Legacy Veterinary Group work under the direct supervision of a Veterinarian. When dealing with clients and pet patients, technicians must have the ability to distinguish between a routine call or one that requires triage emergency care.

Open Veterinary Technician Positions at Vet Med Alliance

At Legacy Veterinary Group, we look for individuals with a background that includes knowledge about different pet illnesses, an understanding of diagnostics, and insight into the medical needs of various animal breeds.

In addition to working with clients and patients, the daily duties of a veterinary technician can include:

  • Keeping animal patients restrained during examinations, procedures, and treatments
  • Reviewing the appointment schedule each day and anticipating patient needs
  • Looking after the kennels, including exercising pets, bathing them, and keeping patients properly fed
  • Obtaining TPR, patient history, and starting medical records in EVET
  • Ensuring that all information gets entered accurately into EVT
  • Managing the cleanliness of exam rooms
  • Making sure medical supplies remain well-stocked

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