Veterinary Jobs

Less Stress. More Freedom.

We invest in your practice & build strong relationships that foster success. Whether you are looking to phase out of business ownership but continue to practice medicine, or retire completely, you’ll work directly with decision-makers to choose the partnership level that works best for you.

Practice ownership can seem like a dream, but it’s hard work. By partnering with Legacy Veterinary Group, you join an alliance with the best minds in animal health that help your practice reach new heights in profitability, work culture development, and optimal patient care.  Our goal is to grow your practice. We accomplish this by:

  1. Developing your team through professional mentorship.
  2. Implementing streamlined systems that elevate your operations.

It’s that simple. By investing in your team and the systems that support your service, we will continue to grow what you worked so hard to build.

Our exit strategy allows you to have ultimate freedom while maintaining everything you’ve worked for to build your practice.

  • Flexibility of retaining part of the business and having input on all major decisions
  • Extra buying power with our experienced animal health professionals and larger group purchases
  • Access to state of the art, sophisticated equipment which opens up more profitable services
  • Private label products and other proven revenue streams to improve your bottom line
  • True partnership and family approach
  • Deal direct with decision-makers
  • Help mentor doctors & practice owners
  • Maximize the net worth of buyer and seller
  • Seller has potential for decreased tax expense
  • Seller has the opportunity for investment value appreciation
  • Build on the foundation of a successful practice and stimulate business growth
  • Provided passive income to the seller in the form of dividends and facility rental
A Legacy Veterinary Group partnership is a great option for:


  • Small to mid-sized companion animal veterinarians who need support to grow the practice
  • New vets wanting to open their own practices
  • Established vets ready for an exit strategy
  • Vets tired of dealing with back-office details
  • Flexible transition options and short & long-term partnerships available