Dr. Jordan’s Story

I joined Legacy Veterinary Group because I didn’t agree with the changes occurring in a profession that I truly love. Why should we model our profession after a human model that is broken? Why should we allow non-veterinarians to take over private-practice veterinary medicine? I worried about my colleagues and friends that had spent a lifetime building their business and when it came time to retire, they could not sell because there wasn’t a suitable buyer or adequate funds for a practice transaction.

I decided to take action rather than sit idly by and watch veterinary practices become medical factories…

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I started with one hospital and, we have grown and evolved through expanding partnerships into what it is today: Legacy Veterinary Group. I joined a company with a culture of TRUST as its cornerstone. Practices where core values center around doing the right thing, no matter what. A community of practices that we can proudly call our own.

We work with two groups of veterinarians. On the one hand, we have doctors that want to exit or plan to in the future. Jointly, we seek to maximize their net worth through customized buy-out strategies. On the other hand, we engage doctors that either want to own their own practice or work in practices that value their abilities.

Together we build a team comprised of veterinary entrepreneurs, associate veterinarians, and talented, compassionate staff members. We invest in facilities and equipment so that the level of medical care and client service is exceptional. Our practice-support and leadership team ensures that the practice is marketed enthusiastically, operated efficiently, and established on financially sound veterinary business principles.

I encourage you to get to know our founding & management team through their stories below. If you have questions, just call me. I am always ready to talk about what being a veterinarian means to me.

Timothy Jordan, DVM MBA

Meet Our Management Team

Dr. Timothy Jordan

Managing Partner

Dr. Timothy Jordan has been a practicing veterinarian for over 35 years and has worked with both large and small veterinary practices. He also currently owns and has previously owned several veterinary practices, modernizing their care and service to meet the needs of the communities they serve.

Dr. Jordan has a passion for veterinary surgery and has completed advanced training and certification to further his surgical skills and techniques. He has now performed over 3,000 different orthopedic procedures and can offer colleagues and pet owners alike an insight into the possible options and outcomes of many orthopedic and soft tissue problems encountered in a veterinary practice.

Joe Hrabak

Chief Operations Officer

Joe Hrabak has spent almost 30 years of his life in Veterinary Medicine. He started a LONG time ago as a kennel technician, quickly working his way through the ranks in the hospital from assistant to technician until reaching the level of director where he spent the better part of 19 years. Joe has had the profound honor of working with some of the biggest names in Veterinary Medicine throughout his career. Those opportunities have allowed him to learn from some of the best in the industry and allowed him opportunities to work on a huge variety of species of animals. He has worked with large cats, non-human primates, venomous snakes and lizards, raptors to parrots, and of course tens of thousands of dogs and cats. His unique career path has allowed him to see so much of this great nation and North Carolina ranks very high on his list of favorites. He enjoys spending time in "his second home, North Carolina", but lives in the sunny state of Arizona.

Joe was "that kid" that would see an animal on the side of the road and scream and cry until his parents would pull over so he could see if it was okay. He has always loved helping strengthen the human-animal bond and has committed his entire adult life to this effect. His favorite thing about Veterinary Medicine and working with animals is simply, that animals always show their appreciation for life, he has always enjoyed seeing pets come in very sick, not knowing if they will ever feel better, then the next thing they know they are wagging their tails or pushing their heads against you and they go home. His passion for management and training became very apparent to him early on. He enjoyed teaching and mentoring employees on new skills and techniques that they likely never knew were possible.

He knew this was the right profession for him because there isn't a day going by where he says "I have to go to work", rather he says "I have to go do what I love to do."

Outside of work, he has a beautiful wife and 2 grown gorgeous daughters, 2 perfect grandchildren (1- is a heart warrior). They share their home with Gracie (Cocker mix), Smalls (DSH), and Bandit (Ball Python). He loves cars, baseball, camping, fishing, and all things Disney.