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Veterinary Internship Details

As part of the professional veterinary curriculum, colleges encourage off-campus educational experiences in practices outside of the teaching hospital. Practical experience in a well-run, contemporary practice can be a valuable component of your veterinary education, preparing you to deliver better care after graduation.

Our program is dedicated to contributing to your practice readiness and to help you hit the ground running after graduation.


Our Internships are competitive—they can range from two to eight weeks during the year, according to your college curriculum – but are typically two or three weeks in length. Your schedule will include days, evenings and weekends.

Our Internship rotations are designed to allow students, under veterinary supervision, to practice the problem-solving, technical and communication skills that they have acquired during their clinical preparation Interns are given the opportunity to work alongside our veterinary team and are encouraged to participate in all aspects of patient care.


Externs experience the typical caseload of a small animal practice. Under the supervision of your mentor doctor you will gather histories, perform physical examinations, develop diagnostic and therapeutic plans, scrub in to surgery, assist in the management of medical cases, provide wellness care, develop your client communication skills, polish your technical skills and produce appropriate medical records (SOAPs) within the time limits of daily practice.


Intern students are expected to be enthusiastic and effective participants in our patient care activities, upholding the professional and ethical standards of our practice. Students participating in the Internship program are suggested to review the Veterinary Practice Act in regard to the scope of duties that may be performed and to be familiar with the type and degree of veterinary supervision that is required. These should be followed carefully to protect both yourself and our practice.

As a veterinary student intern, we expect you to dress and behave in a professional manner and to meet the expectations that we have of all team members as outlined in our employee handbook.


As sponsors of the Veterinary Internship Program, we see ourselves as part of your educational team, providing instruction, mentoring, and evaluation of the students who participate. You will be assigned a mentor and work on the learning objectives as defined by your college program or to meet your specific goals. At the end of the internship, your mentor will provide a written evaluation of your performance as required by your college program.

We look forward to working with you!