Veterinary Receptionist Jobs

We are looking for friendly, passionate veterinary professionals looking to join a network of hospitals who place a priority on taking care of the people who take care of their pets. If you are a Veterinary Receptionist or Customer Service Representative looking for a new job, read on to learn more about veterinary receptionist jobs at any Legacy Veterinary Group location, or click here to view current openings.

When a client comes in with concerns about their pet, the Veterinary Receptionist (or Customer Service Representative) is usually the first person they see. For that reason, anyone looking to fill a VedMed Alliance veterinary receptionist job must provide clients with exceptional customer service. In addition, having a calm, friendly demeanor is key to soothing pet parents and making sure that their furry family member gets the care they need.

Professional and Courteous

In addition to dealing with a diverse array of clients, Legacy Veterinary Group Customer Service Representatives deal with a lot of different tasks, including:

  • Answering phones
  • Solving problems for clients
  • Scheduling DVM and board appointments
  • Figuring out which pet cases require routine vs. emergency care
  • Payment processing
  • Managing financial information

CSRs often act as liaisons between clients and other staff members. To be a good fit for a Legacy Veterinary Group veterinary receptionist job, you have to maintain an empathetic, compassionate manner with clients at all times. Pet parents may be stressed out because of issues with their pet, and you must remain calm & reassuring to help maintain order within the clinic.

Veterinary Receptionist Jobs at Legacy Veterinary Group

Requirements for a Veterinary Receptionist

If you’re interested in applying for one of our open veterinary receptionist positions, VMA typically looks for the following qualifications from applicants:

  • Have at least a high school diploma or other educational equivalents
  • Previous experience working in a veterinary clinic
  • Can read street maps and provide clear directions to clients
  • Be physically strong enough to carry pets or objects that weigh up to 40 pounds without assistance
  • Have a genuine interest in the field of veterinary medicine

Legacy Veterinary Group practices offer its veterinary receptionists the chance to continue learning more about the field. That way, they continually expand their knowledge to help them become more comfortable and gain more applicable skills.

Open Veterinary Receptionist Positions at Legacy Veterinary Group

Other Veterinary Receptionist Responsibilities

In addition to helping out with clients, Legacy Veterinary Group CSRs are often called upon to:

  • Set up daily appointment schedules
  • Figure out what clients might need during their appointment
  • Help out with kennel duties like exercising pets
  • Fil and refill prescriptions approved by DVM
  • Provide accurate itemized estimates to clients about the cost of procedures

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Legacy Veterinary Group is always looking for qualified people to take a role in their clinics. Check out our career page if you’re interested in one of our veterinary receptionist jobs or other positions.