Associate Veterinarian Positions

As an associate veterinarian, you play an important role in making sure our pet patients receive the best care possible. Read on to learn more about Associate Veterinarian Positions at Legacy Veterinary Group.

Providing Quality Care

Associate veterinarians work under the direct supervision of the medical director at their respective location. Associate veterinarians guide the healthcare team on how to treat patients and make decisions around:

  • The type of treatment provided to patients
  • Any limitations around patient treatment
  • Whether to refer a patient for more in-depth treatment

Associate veterinarians at most Legacy Veterinary Group locations work full-time, Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 6:30 pm. Depending on the volume of patients, associate veterinarians may have to work overtime to ensure that patients receive all necessary treatment.

Associate Veterinarian Positions at Legacy Veterinary Group

Associate Veterinarian Functions

Associate veterinarians must have a broad knowledge base when it comes to veterinary medicine. That way, they can make the best decisions around developing treatment plans for sick or injured pets. With our open associate veterinarian jobs, the duties during the day often include performing examinations, writing prescriptions, reviewing diagnostic tests, tending to wounds, or performing surgery.

Other common duties in associate veterinarian positions include:

  • Operating diagnostic equipment
  • Administering anesthesia
  • Monitoring the health of patients while performing surgery
  • Offering guidance to pet parents about post-surgical care
  • Administering pet vaccinations to protect pets from diseases

Associate veterinarians also provide training and supervision to other team members tasked with handling and caring for pets. In addition, you will often rely on your communication and social skills when dealing with clients and other Legacy Veterinary Group staff members.

Open Associate Veterinarian Jobs at Legacy Veterinary Group

Become an Associate Veterinarian at Legacy Veterinary Group

Legacy Veterinary Group works hard to staff their practices with the best and brightest in veterinary care. To join our team, you must have a veterinary license that is in good standing, as well as Privilege and DEA Licenses.

Above all, we believe that the best team members are those who do their best in all things. We work with our associate veterinarians to provide mentorship, continuing education, and additional career opportunities. If joining our team means a big move for you, we also offer relocation assistance to help you get settled in your new community.

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