Veterinary Practice Manager Jobs

Are you looking to join a team of passionate, hard working veterinary professionals? Maybe you’ve been in other supervisory roles in a vet practice and are ready to make the next move. Or maybe you’ve been a veterinary practice manager for years and are looking to join a network of hospitals who take care of the people who take care of the pets. If any of these sound like you, read on to learn more about Veterinary Practice Manager Jobs at Legacy Veterinary Group.

A critical part of any veterinary practice, the veterinary practice manager is tasked with ensuring that everything is in place to provide clients with a satisfying experience. VPM’s at Legacy Veterinary Group locations work under the guidance of the clinic owner and the operations manager.

Setting the Pace

The veterinary practice manager makes sure that all employees execute services to pets in compliance with the regulations outlined by the practice. To accomplish that, the veterinary practice manager performs functions like:

  • Conducting spot checks of employees and the facility
  • Going over correspondence and practice medical records
  • Stepping in to deal with any conflicts that may arise among staff
  • Overseeing training of new employees
  • Dealing with logistics and administrative issues

Because practice managers must handle so many responsibilities, they have a background that includes three years of prior supervisor experience. In addition, most tend to have a college degree or equivalent work experience or education.

Veterinary Practice Manager Jobs at Legacy Veterinary Group

Other Essential Functions

Depending on the clinic’s needs, a practice manager may need to take care of other responsibilities. Those who work directly alongside the lead veterinarian and the accounts manager may need to help with financial responsibilities like:

  • Making recommendations around accounting practices
  • Helping with long-range financial planning
  • Aid in developing cash flow projections and controls
  • Oversee the operating budget
  • Develop and main procedures for stocking and evaluating current inventory

Open Veterinary Practice Manager Positions at Legacy Veterinary Group

Helping Staff Employees

Practice managers at Legacy Veterinary Group play an important role in ensuring that the staff has what they need to help clients who bring in pet patients, and answering questions about any practice regulations. In addition, they help with interviewing and hiring people to fill roles within the veterinary practice. That way, animals entrusted to our care get the best care possible. In addition, pet owners can always feel safe knowing their animals are being placed in competent, loving hands.

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